Gift of Caring

Gift of Caring

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

What's Happening?

We are half way through our Welcome to the Daisy Flower Garden Journey

We will be wrapping this up soon :)- by the end of November!  We will earn the flower and bee shortly to complete the patch set:

In December we will do some in house projects and badges ... and in January the first year Daisies will begin their petals-

the second year Daisies will work on their third and final Journey:   Check out this link for more info on the Between Earth and Sky Journey

and earn this patch set:

as well as the Summit Award!

Friday, September 28, 2012

Volunteer of Excellence Award- thank you

The Volunteer of Excellence Award recognizes those volunteers who have contributed outstanding service, while partnering directly with girls in any pathway to implement the Girl Scout Leadership Experience.
Volunteer of Excellence award
Nicole Z.—Arapaho
Denise K.—Aztec
Victoria C.—Barrington
Maria C.—Barrington
Lisa F.—Blackhawk
Jacqueline G.—Blackhawk
Kelly M.—Blackhawk
Gwyn C.—Broken Arrow
Kelly K.—Broken Arrow
Leanne M.—Broken Arrow
Janel B.—Cheyenne
Shera O.—Cheyenne
Melanie R.—Ojibwa
Anna N.—Osceola
Cynthia S.—Park North Stateline
Jeanette S.—Park North Stateline
Margaret B.—Quapaw
Monica K.—Quapaw
Wendy N.—Quapaw
Deena S.—Quapaw
Chelsea B.—Whiteside
Christina G.—Whiteside
Jean W.—Windupec
Rachel T.—Winnebago

I wanted to send out a shout of appreciation for anyone who nominated me.  Thanks!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Build a Bear Trip

Build a Bear Workshop Trip!
Where:  Northpark Mall, Davenport IA
When:  Friday November 2nd
Departing from Odell at 5:30
Arriving back in town around 8:30-8:45

We will be going down as a group/party and will be building our very own 100th year Girl Scout Bears complete with our Girl Scout level uniform. 
Cost:  30$/girl covers their Bear, Uniform, Patch and snack
Return form to troop leader by October 15th
Chelsea Brewer
307 S Base Morrison IL

Homecoming Parade

Our Homecoming Parade is coming up!

Please make sure you are aware of our group activity (Marching in the Parade)

We will meet at the Laundrymat at 2:50 and be walking in the parade.  Please use the permission form sent home with your Daisy at tonight's meeting : 9/24... and send that with your Daisy that day.

Your Daisy will be picked up IMMEDIATELY following the parade at the old Blackhawk Lumber parking lot (New True Value).

Celebration Belle

Our individual/family trip to Celebration Belle was a success!  My family enjoyed our time there and hung out with the Brownie troop members that participated.  Emery even got a very cool patch!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Welcome NEW Daisies!

Welcome back or welcome to the NEW Daisies!

A few things to know-  our meeting dates are listed on the right hand side of this website, I will try to keep those updated!!!  :)

I will provide links to anything you may want to read or purchase- those will be on the right side as well :)

If you have any questions please email  or call me using the contact information listed to the left.  I will also be posting all events/programs that are optional to participate in on there as well.


Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Awards Potluck and Sleepover

Our Annual Awards potluck/bridging/ and sleepover will be held on FRIDAY March 25th at Ebenezer Church!

Potluck will begin at 6 p.m.

Please plan on attending!  The girls have a ton of fun and it's a great way to wrap up the year.
There are a few options- you can attend the potluck and leave with your Daisy,  your Daisy can stay and be picked up at 8:30, or your Daisy can sleepover (but we need a parent to sleepover with them as well!  Unless they are a bridging Brownie!)

I will let you know more information as soon as it becomes available.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

A Few Last Meeting Details!

Last Meeting sign up sheet!

There is a sign up sheet for our last meeting (we'll do treats and fun stuff)

Please be prepared to sign up for it at the next meeting.

Also!!!!  You should receive all the stuff you need to do MAKE UP work at home at the next meeting... please have this done by May 21st!  Thanks!

No Meeting 5/7


That is all thank you!

We will resume with our next two (last two) regularly scheduled meetings- 5/14 and 5/21 :)

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Brownie Meeting


There is a BROWNIE meeting on Wednesday April 25th from 6-7:30 at the library that you are required to attend to complete bridging requirements :)  thank you!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Think Bridging Up for First Graders

I received an exciting email on starter kits for Brownies who are bridging up.  Traditionally the troop will pay for some of your items when bridging up. Typically either the membership dues or the vest and insignia, depending on troop budget and amount of girls.  Due to our mass amount of girls I would like to announce a special running until March 26th, after that date the troop will only be paying for the 12$ membership fee for the Brownie to move up and you will be on your own as far as supplies.  Sorry but this is something that takes a lot of planning and work from me and I want it all prepared in time for bridging. 

If you are a first year Daisy and plan on bridging up to Brownies, the exciting starter kit which includes:

Brownie Vest
ALL insignia (Flag Patch, Troop Numbers, Council ID set, brown tab pin with insignia) as well as the 100th anniversary pin as an added bonus
ALONG with a neat GS Bag
ONE Journey Book
Brownies Guide to Girl Scouting Binder
(63$ VALUE)
but wait there's more....

AND!!!!!!!   your 12$ Membership fee

ALL for the low price of....55$

For second year Daisies
All of the above is offered to you at a
low price of 50$


ALL of the above is offered as well as the bridging up badge.. .no hassle for you to make separate purchases.... couldn't get any better than that right?!


All of the above will be presented... (wait for it... wait for it...)  DRUM ROLL PLEASE!!!!


Amazing!! :) Get them while their hot folks!
What does this really mean?!  Well your new Brownie will be registered, ready with one journey book (the first one they will be using), the Brownie Guide to Girl Scouting, and vest with all her patches and insignia already on it, AS WELL AS extras such as: the 100th year pin, the bag. 

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Cookie Booth Sign up and Information

Cookie Booths

Saturday Feb 25

Sullivans  9-12    Amy Robbins             Diana Robbins and Bailey Farthing-Bramm, Lizzie Pfister
Advantage One Credit Union  9-12     Ona Allison       Emma Allison,  Emery Brewer and Hailey Freeman

Sullivans 12-3       Joe Brewer            Lisa Hardesty and BayLeigh Brewer
Sullivans 3-6  Ona and Chelsea    
Morrison Comm Fed     CU 9-12   Samantha Thompson   Jadah Shipley, Creota Gonzales, Hailey Freeman
Dr. Jennings lot  9-12  Nevada Gowan     Natalie Williams, Brooklyn Gowan and BayLeigh Brewer

Dr. Jennings lot   12-3   Tracy Bormann and Andrea Wagner   Jerrica Bormann, Emery Brewer, and Jaycie 

Please let me know to sign up!  Remember any cookies accounted for on the day you work is divisible by the number of girls working that day

Registered Adults in our Troop:   Chelsea Brewer, Ona Allison, Amy Robbins, Samantha Thompson, Tracy Bormann, Joe Brewer, Scott Allison, Nevada Gowan, Nina Damhoff, and Andrea Wagner

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Optional Fun Patches to be Purchased

List of optional badges that can be bought-  I am placing the order THIS WEEK!  By March 1st latest! Our troop pays for MOST official patches (the journeys, the pins, etc) but any fun participation patches are up to you to purchase.  Here is a list of patches I am purchasing....
100 YEARS OF GIRL SCOUTING-    1.25              ___________
Parade Participation Patch-    1.25   ___________
Girl Scout Sunday (had to have done)-    2.00    ____________
1st cookie sale (had to have done one for first time)-  1.25    __________
Cookie Booth (had to have done a cookie booth this year)- 1.25   _________
Community Service Day (had to have gone to community service day)-  1.25 _________
Pet Care Girl scouts-  1.25   ____________

I have received orders from:  Emma, Jerrica, BayLeigh, Emery, Jadah, Alivia, Lisa

Badges that can be worked on at home

I am going to putting some badges that can be worked on at home in links on the bottom of the page- please retain a hard copy from me if this is something your Daisy is interested in working on with you.  Thanks!

Monday, January 2, 2012

On your marks, Get Set, Go!!!

Cookie Sales have officially started!!  I still have a few order forms here for the girls that did not make the last meeting!!

I also have derby cars in!  So if you ordered one PLEASE come get it... I am not taking responsibility for deliveries!  Thanks! :)  Happy SELLING!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Cookies Cookies Cookies!!!!

I know it's not very organized but cookie sales are a LOT earlier than usual!  So here are some things you need to know

  • Cookies are 4$ a BOX
  • Cookie orders begin January 2nd and run until January 22nd!
  • Ordertaking ends, but if someone wants cookies let them know you will be able to get them cookies after we get our town delivery (around Feb 15)
  • All money from preorders will be due by February 27th to ME!

We do our initial order taking and submit those orders.... we deliver those orders. 

Our troop will sit at cookie booths tentatively on Feb 25th and March 3rd selling EXTRA cookies... these cookie boxes are added to individual girl's initial order totals so their chance for incentives increases. 

Last year Daisies sold 3360 boxes of cookies!!!! There were 15 daisies with an average sold per girl of 224 boxes total (booths and intial order)... after the initial order the average was 181!   We have 22 girls this year!!!  And our target goal is going to be 4000 boxes of cookies!!!   AWESOME from each girl we would need 181 (that was the average of each of our girls last year after just the intial order) I think this is totally do-able!

I repeat!!!!   OUR COOKIE GOAL IS 4000 boxes!!!!!!!!!!! WE NEED YOUR HELP!

You can sign on to
to set up your Daisy's online account.

Our Gift of Caring is going to a Children's Hospital (I am trying to get ahold of the Children's Hospital in Iowa City to see if this is possible to their location)  Please PUSH this in selling.  If someone is on a diet suggest they donate a box to sick kids, if someone doesn't like cookies (weird) suggest they donate a CASE.  Suggest by the CASEload to businesses.  Check out local businesses and see if they would like to donate cases to the hospital.  A case of cookies is: 48$  What a great doantion!

Let me know if you need anything :)

Some useful links! :

Cookies 101                         

 Cookie Club login

Catch up! Catch up!

December 12th we visted the Morrison Veterinary Clinic and had a GREAT time thanks so much to Dr. Cal Vandermyde for the wonderful tour!  The girls got a chance to ask a lot of questions and view a lot of gross things!

December 19th we had our Christmas Party!  Thank you so much to Angela Gibbs for the wonderful treat boxes and cupcakes she supplied for the girls!  Thank you goes to Nevada Gowan for the games she coordinated and the goody bags for the ladies, as well as Amy Robbins for the game she organized!  Thanks to Samantha Thompson for the homemade cupcakes and to Tracy Bormann and Mallory story for the cookies!  Thank you Donna Bramm for the drinks and Myriah Drolema for the plates!  We had SOOOOO MANY goodies!! I always try to plan a little extra in case anyone forgets and WOW !!  We had so much left over I had to bring some to my swim team on Tuesday :) Thanks again!!!!

The ladies all seemed to have a fun time. :)  Have a great Christmas Break!

Monday, November 14, 2011


Thursday is Fall Product Pick Up!!!

We will be receiving it in the morning and be sorting it into different troops and then into different girl orders and once that is done I will be placing phone calls telling you your order is able to be picked up.  If you can please pick up by 3:30 so we don't have to be there all day for pick up that would be appreciated.  If you need to arrange another time please call me to do so, or just arrange for grandparent, friend, or neighbor to help out if you can.  Thanks so much!!! 


Greetings all!!!

We are still working on our Journey book and badges (it's all about animals, and caring for animals).  With that in mind I am planning a field trip to the Veterinary Clinic- (I am working with them on a date and time)... we also have a Red Robin Project we will be planning.  More information will come out about that.

Thanks for your patience on the website I will be updating it more frequently!!! 

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Next Meeting- Monday October 10

Sliced Cucumbers -   Hailey Freeman
Carrots -  Alivia Story
Big Leafy Lettuce -  Diana Robbins
Ranch Dressing-  Schyon Drolema
Cauliflower -  Shelby Veltrop
Broccoli - Dailey Damhoff

Thanks for those who signed up for our Rabbit food treats :)

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Homecoming Parade- Mission Accomplished!

A little chilly of a day but we had fun anyways!!! Here are a few photos I have received- if you have more PLEASE email them to me- thanks much!

Geocaching- Success!

Emma, BayLeigh, Jerrica, and Emery went Geocaching on a BEAUTIFUL, COLD, RAINY Saturday (Sept 18)  along with Chelsea, Ona, and Tracey.

These Daisies and leaders accompanied older Girl Scouts from Morrison to Camp Far Horizons in Hanover, IL to learn about GPS systems and high-tech treasure hunting.  The weather wasn't very fun but the treasures were!  (Along with the McDonald's treats they were promised **ahem , bribed** with)

Here are a few pictures from the adventure.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Success!- First Meeting

Tonight was the first meeting- we took care of paperwork... got the parents comfortable with leaving their Daisy in our loving and trusting hands, and got to play games with the girls.

The girls colored their own Kaper Doll- we will be dressing her at the next meeting and using her in a Kaper Chart (responsibility chart) .  If BayLeigh's doll is in the snack chart it means she is in charge of bringing snacks... if Emma's doll is in the snack clean up- then yes... you are right... she cleans up after snacks.  You are getting it!

We played the name game!  We got to know each other a little better- and by golly I think I have all their names down!

We have a spectacular 23 girls already enrolled!  Woohooo....

I will be putting in a tunic order on FRIDAY! Please make sure you get your order/money to me by then!!1

Tunics are 16.75 $
Girls Guide to Girl Scouting Books are 17$

IF YOU ARE ATTENDING THE GEOCACHING AND MAILED IN YOUR REGISTRATION PLEASE NOTE : WE ARE MEETING AT ODELL LIBRARY AT 11:15-  Please make sure you and your Daisy have the proper gear on and with you! Thanks!!!  I will not be there- Ona will.. I will be following behind the group shortly thereafter. 

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

WELCOME BACK!!! -soon :)

Hey Everyone!!  ALMOST that time again-

Just a quick memo- 

Our FIRST MEETING is going to be Monday, September 12 from 6:15-7:15 at ODELL library (In the smaller room!)  This is a parent meeting so please have your parents come with! J 

Our meetings will be EVERY OTHER Monday there after… so it’s looking like:
                September  12  and  26
                October  10  and  24
September 12th is BRING A FRIEND NIGHT!!!!   Bring a friend who might want to join and GET A PRIZE!!! J Bring two friends and get TWO PRIZES!!!!   Bring three friends and get THREE PRIZES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  WOW!!!!!!   Please call me and let me know that you are bringing a friend and their parent  (or that you invited a parent and friend…) 
Ona and I are looking forward to seeing you and meeting your friend!

Hey parents!!   I am asking that you evaluate your elf, your time, and your commitment to building your daughter’s character.  I am asking that you consider signing up as a registered Girl Scout!  If I don’t have enough adults registered to help out when needed (for events… etc) then we will have to turn girls away… which I DO not want!!   I am not asking anyone to lead… I’ve got that covered, all I am is asking is that you give an hour of your time every now and then during a meeting… or you chaperone an event.
I understand busy schedules!  I am a mom of FOUR crazy girls… I coach a swim team, I am a part of the leadership team at my church and am involved in four different areas of volunteer work there.  My girls are in two dance classes each, piano lessons, swimming, soccer, t-ball, etc… I GET IT!!  But!  You don’t have to be creative and think up meeting ideas… leave the hard stuff to me and just show up and care!  Please consider J Thanks- if you have ANY ANY ANY questions email me….  or call 815-441-2878

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Rewind/ Recap...

A lot has happened since the last post..

First year Daisies have been working on their petals along with their Journey patches...  Second year Daisies who have already earned their petals are working on their Journey patches.

The Petals earned thus far are:

light blue-  honest and fair (We had our game day meeting... )

violet- be a sister to every girl scout (at our last meeting we did a World Thinking Day meeting)

yellow- friendly and helpful (We read the Daisy story and made helper notes)

red- courageous and strong (We practiced cookie sales in front of one another... worked on not being shy)


Corrine is so far our high seller... good job :)

Our troop sold the most so far-  227 CASES of cookies.... that is 2724 boxes in JUST our initial selling... without booths... we ROCK :)

388 cookie boxes are going overseas to support our troops... :)  Thanks so much for doing a GREAT job on this.

Please continue to do the coloring pages... EACH box needs one

Sign up sheets will be out next meeting for cookie booths... each girl will have to participate in a booth to attend the end of the year event.  ADULT HELPERS ARE NEEDED :)

Thursday, January 6, 2011

January 3rd Meeting Recap

At January 3rd's meeting we discussed Cookie Sales-

We made a craft Daisy that had petals stating important Daisy qualities and discussed how we could relate them to cookie sales.

First year Daisies earned their RED Petal- Courage

It takes courage to talk to some people and step out of our comfort zone sometimes.  Some of you have shy girls, some girls are more open and outgoing.  Each girl took a turn role playing with one of the leaders- asking them if they would like to buy some Girl Scout cookies.

Please work on this with them...

"Hi my name is Chelsea and I am a Girl Scout Daisy!  I am selling cookies to help fund our activities and pay for badges... would you like to buy some cookies?"

The question came up if we needed the money up front-  Girl Scouts (as an organization) is not requiring the money up front.  Let them know it is PREFERRED they pay up front but if they don't have the money at the time or what not.. and it's going to prevent the sale then tell them it's ok- you will get it from them upon delivery.  A tool for this is the cookie club- online.... you get people to PROMISE- they choose the boxes they want and you can get payment from them at another time.  I have already received checks from people who have promised boxes. 

It takes COURAGE to step out of your shell- Girl Scouts is all about being the girl they are meant to be, and growing. 

We also tried the new Lemon Chalet cookies... I got mixed reviews on it!!   To sample more cookies check out the Cookie Kickoff at Ebenezer on Friday- if you aren't able to attend I will get your order form for you.  Thanks!


World Thinking Day Deadline is quickly approaching-

Please mail in your form and two dollars for your Daisy if she plans on attending.  If you can not bring her please let me know- Tawnya Carroll, Ona Allison, and myself are all planning on attending so far with our Daisies... we can bring up to two more for each of the adults we have... so please let me know- it's no problem at all, we would rather your Daisy experience this even if you can't.  :)  Need to send it in by January 12th

The date is February 19th at Northland Mall from 10-3


Behind the Scenes- Sterling High School     February 26  9-12

10$ per girl- 2.50 for any adult... includes breakfast and a patch for the girl

Breakfast in the commons then backstage for high school musical production.  Learning all backstage secrets with special effects and lighting along with the actual actors and director. 

Deadline is February 9th- Let me know and I will sign your Daisy up I am sending in the paperwork on Feb. 3rd so I need to know by then. 

We Currently have
Kayla and BayLeigh signed up for this event


Thursday, December 30, 2010

Cookie Sales

Hey Parents!

There is a Cookie Kickoff Meeting on Friday January 7th at 5:30 at Fellowship Hall of Ebenezer Reformed Church

Information about order taking, delivery dates, online systems and prizes will be offered.  There will be samples of all varieties of cookies.  Order forms will be going home with the girls after the meeting but sales do not begin until SUNDAY 1/9-  if you can not attend I will get your order forms to you. 

I am asking for some help for the cookie sales-

I have a list of businesses (mainly Morrison) that I pulled from the Chamber Website-  my ask is that if you have close connections or ties to a business PLEASE inform me! 

For a Community Service Project we are doing our Gift Of Caring for the Community- and sending any donated boxes of cookies to the Iowa National Guard Unit that is currently deployed to Afghanistan - this Company's home armory is Clinton- so this is a community outreach.  My husband is with this unit, and so I have talked with the Family Readiness Group who are excited to partner with us. 

The basics are-  if we sell them, they'll ship them! 

This is a win/win situation.  As Girl Scouts we can not raise money for any other organization but our own.  Therefore we wouldn't have been able to raise money for shipping- we can only sell cookie boxes. 

The business list comes into play by presenting it to a business and asking them to buy a CASE of cookies (12 boxes) to help our Girl Scout troop and to brighten a soldier's day- who is FROM this area and currently deployed over seas. 

The other good news about this project-  Each box will have a personalized message taped onto it including all of the below:

There are 6 different pictures and blank pages for the girls to decorate on their own-  each sheet has our Troop number, town, and the Daisy's FIRST NAME only

At the bottom of each it asks for them to send a note back or picture if they can.. holding our boxes to our troop email:

This acrostic poem is on each coloring page:

What a "Soldier"means to me---

S upports our country's freedom
O utstanding citizen
L oyal to our country and its beliefs
D evoted to his fellowman and country
I nfantry are the men and women that wars cannot be won without
E ncamp away from their home, family, and friends
R ecruited into Military Service:  Army, Air Force, Navy or Marines

So as a parent/guardian... I am asking that you take a look at the business list- and commit to the ask- 

Our troop account pays for all badges- activities, supplies.... this directly benefits your Daisy.  Please keep that in mind.  Thanks!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Nutcracker- St Charles, IL Dec 17th

Diana, Emma, BayLeigh, and Kayla all attended the Nutcracker Ballet.  I think they all had a great time.  They were accompanied by their Moms and had a great girls night out.  I must say that our kindergarteners and first grader behaved a lot better than some older girls did!  I was very proud of how they acted and they all seemed to enjoy the performance even if it went past their bedtimes!  I'm glad we got to experience it :)  Pictures to come!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Cookie Sales Coming Soon!

Please check out the above link-  your Daisy's username is their name in lowercase followed by 5315

their password is: daisy

ex:   bayleigh5315
(if your Daisy has a longer name but has a nickname it is most likely the nickname5315)

PLEASE check this out with your Daisy- useful and fun tool gearing up for cookie sales!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Event Accomplished!

Erie- Candy Cane Day

Saturday Dec 4th....

What did we do??? and who went????
Well the weather didn't stop us!  Macy, Emma, BayLeigh, Riley, Brooke, and Kayla all seemed to have a great time regardless of the snow!  We were singing songs, and moving from craft to craft station (9 different stations in all).  We made things such as: dream catchers, single cupcake mixes in a Christmas mug, a really neat snowflake scarf, a snowman Candy stick, a sticky gingerbread house, a cute santa out of a wash cloth, and so much more.  Each girl came home with a bag of goodies.  I hope the girls had a great time :)  More pictures to come!  As soon as I receive their patch in the mail I will get it to you girls :)  Great job Daisies!  (PS... all the girls were very well behaved- which showed lots of respect for our host troops!) AND I'm pretty sure we were the group that sang the loudest at the snack station- thanks to Emma!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Christmas Walk was a Success!

Wow!  We had a total of 13 girls show up for the Christmas Walk!  For a school night- and the chill factor I must say our Daisy troop rocks :)  Thanks parents! 

Winners of the Christmas Walk Parade were
  • Best of Show, Community State Bank
  • First Place Award, Pleasant View Rehabilitation & Health Care Center
  • Second Place Award, Morrison Institute of Technology
  • Third Place Award, Leann's Dance Connection
  • Honorable Mention Award, Morrison Girl Scouts.
I will be posting some pictures on here of the Christmas walk, if you have any you would like to share please email them to me at

The girls seemed to have fun in spite of the cold, and the packaging.... :)  and they were great Christmas Carolers

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Monday Nov. 29th Meeting

At this weeks meeting our first year Daisies worked on and earned their light blue Honest & Fair petal. 
We discussed the importance of honesty and telling the truth.  Times that it has been hard to not tell a lie... along with how we can be fair.  We then broke up into groups and played board games.  Each of the leaders cheated at one point in the game to see what the reaction from the girls were and to bring up why it's not fun to play with a cheater.  Honesty and fairness is an important part of the Girl Scout Law- please discuss this with your Daisy.

We also handed out fun badges at this meeting.  The Daisies who participated in Juliette Low's birthday party received birthday badges.  As well as :  Emma Allison received the "Top Magazine Seller" badge for Fall Product Sales, BayLeigh Brewer received the "Top Nut Seller" badge for Fall Product Sales, and Corrine Carroll was two products behind BayLeigh and received the "My Mom is a Fall Product Mom" badge.  Congrats girls (and mom's :))  The girls were excited to receive these badges- they can be placed anywhere on the back of the tunic.  (More badges will be coming for participation in the Christmas party....)

For more instructions on the placing of items on the tunics please see the right hand column of the page. 

Hope to see you all on Thursday at the Christmas Walk- please let me know if your Daisy can't attend.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Girl Scout Birthday Party- Pictures

The Daisies celebrated Juliette Low's birthday (10/31) by throwing a big birthday party celebration. 

The girls ate cupcakes, and played games:  Musical Chairs and the Bozo bucket game.  They planted their flower seeds in our portable mini garden- which goes along with our Journey book.  They also gave each other presents (which I think all the girls loved). 

We had a lot of fun! 

Thanks to Ona, there are a few pictures from the party- see below for more.  Click on the thumbnail to open them and to make them bigger.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Typical Meetings-

Welcome!  I am hoping to use this website to better communicate with the Daisy Troop and their families.  We have a lot of events that are offered to us- and I want to make sure everyone is aware of them so they can pick and choose what they want their Daisy to participate in.  You only can get out of it what you are willing to put into it! :)

Currently in our regular meetings we are working through the Daisy Journey book- reading about three Best Friends and their new garden where they hang out.  Through this Journey your Daisy is going to learn all about some of the petals they'll be earning all about themselves and their values, leadership, connecting, and responsibility.  Here is a link to the Journey book we are working through- so you can discuss some things with your Daisy  We have started our "garden" and will be working on watering it and responsibility.  In the Spring we will work on earning our petals! 

I have appreciated the wonderful helpers and their attributes to our troop.  Thank you so much!  If you would like to volunteer or help- I would love it.. you would have to become a registered Girl Scout to count as an adult helper-  so please don't feel like I am putting off an offer to help, I just have to keep my Daisy to Adult *registered Girl Scout* ratio correct.  Thanks for your understanding.  If you have any questions or concerns please don't hesitate to call me. 

So glad we have a great big troop and hope you and your Daisy are enjoying the year so far!  (I hope to be getting some photos on here :))